9 UX Best Practices for Ecommerce

Eliminate the extra hurdle of creating an account or logging in by allowing buyers to check out as guests. During the check-out-as-guest process, a simple integration to create an account may convert some guests to account users. Additional features like predictive search or autocomplete help users see options quickly.

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Show high-quality, professional photos and detailed descriptions to help buyers understand the product. Home improvement retailer Lowe’s lets the user know how to add a product to their cart with a large, green button as one of the most prominent things on the page. There https://investmentsanalysis.info/linux-engineer-job-descriptions-salary-and/ are a lot of differences between shopping on your smartphone/mobile device and shopping on your laptop. When the user clicks through to a link from the menu, they’re taken to the appropriate page, product, collection, or shop search with specific filters applied.

Sephora’s “Voice Search”

By having an audit, you’ll improve your product’s competitiveness and value, and create something that’ll expand your marketing reach. Sometimes small conversion growth can generate significant revenue, even without changing the number of visitors and basket value. After implementing the audit recommendations, one of our client’s website has grown in conversion rate from 1.5% to 1.97%, which translated into 24,000 Euro, or more than 13%, revenue growth.

Mobile eCommerce trends show that the mobile eCommerce market is growing exponentially and the expansion of the industry has created a multitude of benefits for sellers. However, with this comes a slew of best practices and standards for mobile eCommerce UX design that businesses must follow if they are to be successful. There are many aspects to keep in mind for conversion-oriented mobile eCommerce design. Typically, mobile eCommerce best practices use mobile UX design best practices as a baseline, and savvy mobile UX designers take it to the next level. If you don’t want to tinker with your UX design, it might be a wise idea to contact a private company that offers UX design services. These lists can help narrow the number of products that these buyers will need to look over when they’re eventually ready to make the final purchase.


It makes content available to the end-user and works smoothly in high traffic, which is perfect to optimize eCommerce websites. Content Delivery Network or CDN is a network of servers distributed all over the world, which helps in reducing website load time by loading page assets from the geographically closest server. Measure what other assets of your web page are slowing down the load time and further minimizing HTTP requests.

  • In many cases, those reviews answered the exact questions that users had, which were often related to use of the product.
  • The opinions of the end-user matter the most as they can give you better insights than the people that manage your online store.
  • Using social media and other promotional tools is a good way to encourage your users to review your products.

The hamburger menu is considerably inferior to the tab bar in convenience. The former is at the top left/right corner, whereas the latter is right under the thumb. We considered all possible kinds of menus, their behavior, and pros/cons for mobile and desktop in the eCommerce navigation UX article.

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In case you want to read more about mobile and app design for e-commerce and conversions, here’s the set of articles. Now that your site visitors have picked the item they want to buy, it’s time to place the order and proceed to payment. And at this stage, you want to make sure that your website provides a trusted payment environment. Business strategists, marketers, and designers try to create a perfect place for their audience to shop.

We don’t actively think about what we click on or why—we just do whatever we feel meets our needs fastest. Without even thinking about it, that’s the first question users ask themselves after every click. In search engines, Ruffwear shows up for users googling “winter dog jackets” and finds its winter dog gear collection page. Notice how the page title resembles the search, and related keywords in the meta description are bolded? That’s because the page’s SEO is optimized to match the intent of this query.

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By giving your potential clients the chance to save an item to a list and review it later, you are actually increasing the chances of a conversion. You should encourage your clients to share their experience using your products or services on social media. If you monitor your brand’s mentions and Net Developer: Roles & Responsibilities, Skills, Salary, And More share the content on your website, you can help other potential clients make the right choice. Personalization has become a cornerstone of the ecommerce store optimization practices. It helps brands establish meaningful relationships with customers and gain insights into what the visitors want.