9 Best CRM Software For Startups & Small Businesses 2023

Investing in a CRM is one of the best steps that a startup can take to accelerate its growth. When you automate most of your manual and repetitive tasks, you get enough time to invest in the core jobs like consulting and business development. Moreover, with a CRM, you can nurture your customers, who can serve as your regular income stream. When your customers are the secret behind your success, investing in a CRM makes sense. Without one, the sales and marketing teams of your startup will encounter hard times meeting their targets.

However, as startups scale, they may outgrow their existing systems and processes. CRMs are designed to scale with businesses, providing the flexibility to add new features and functionality as needed. Startups can manage tasks and projects effectively with the HubSpot Projects tool, which is integrated into the HubSpot CRM platform. The tool enables startups to create tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, and track progress.

Freshworks CRM

Among the top CRM features of EngageBay are analytics for sales data and customer data, and dozens of nodes for marketing automation. Analytics help entrepreneurs understand their sales funnel performance, customer engagement levels, etc., allowing them to make more informed business decisions. With Hubspot CRM, 1,000,000 contacts may be managed without spending a dime on any one plan. Operations, content, customer support, sales, and marketing are all covered by modular, scalable tools. Despite HubSpot’s convoluted price structure and modularity, it is fairly simple to use.

  • ClickUp is an increasingly popular tool for project management, collaboration, and customer relationship management.
  • The interactive dashboard also facilitates trend identification, progress monitoring, and data-driven decision-making.
  • Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM marketing automation software built for the next generation.
  • CRM systems give you access to metric reports like sales cycle length, average lead response time, and percentage of revenue.
  • Furthermore, the mobile version of the tool can help you engage with prospects and customers on the go.

It should also fit in with existing operations and kind of daily usage. The best way to test this out is by involving a sales member or customer service rep since they will be the primary users. We’ve spoken a lot about establishing and managing customer relationships. But what is often overlooked best crms for startups is the fact that the first customer business has, is its employee. This is especially true for startups where an employee can potentially make or break the company. Therefore, it is not enough to have effective client communication, there must also be strong employee relationships.

Some of the best CRM for startups

Bitrix24 has four plans – Free, Basic, Standard, and Professional. Use the most effective channel to reach out to your potential and existing clients. You https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ can use Facebook, email, SMS, push notifications, or phone calls. The sales intelligence module can track all your meetings and sales metrics efficiently.

best crms for startups

As a result, your business never gets the best value from your CRM investment. One of our Tech Advisors will be calling you within the next business day to help narrow down the best options for your business. Sign up to receive the list of our top recommendations or speak to our unbiased Tech Advisors. Discover the benefits and challenges of migrating from on-premises CRM systems to the cloud. Take advantage of some great opportunities to become more self-sufficient with your data migratio…


Individual tools or “hubs” can be added so your business only invests in the features it needs. Couple that with its extensive guides and tutorials, and team members will become HubSpot experts in short order, growing their CRM software skills in line with your scaling company. Freshsales is a sales automation solution that allows companies to shorten sales cycles, personalize client interactions, and even expand their business and boost profits. Hubspot found that 61% of overperforming leaders use their CRM to automate parts of their sales process vs. 46% of underperforming leaders. Join the top flight by automating mundane low-impact tasks in your sales process, so your team members can focus on the important ones that drive growth for your organization.

The best part about CRM systems is that they not only store data in one place but also break down reports into minute details. Therefore, there is an increased scope for accurate data analysis and reporting. Another CRM you might not have heard of, Streak delivers speed, flexibility, and cost savings in the form of a free basic account forever.

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If you’re looking for a CRM for your startups that’s easy to use and helps create scalable processes, Salesmate is the right choice. Plus, it has tons of features like chatbot integration for Twitter or Facebook Messenger, and personalized customer experiences through surveys, live chats and web forms. CRM tools free you up to concentrate on fostering relationships by streamlining corporate operations and automating job management. Pipedrive is one of the most user-friendly CRM software choices out there. It’s designed to be simple and make it fast for you to manage and access contacts.

best crms for startups

It provides advanced features such as marketing automation, workflow automation, sales cadences, live chat, sales automation, web forms, analytics, and 700+ integrations. Moreover, Pipedrive’s pricing plans are flexible and cost-effective, making them accessible to startups with limited budgets. Startups can use ClickUp, a project management tool that doubles as a CRM, to segment their customer base using custom fields. By tagging customers with specific attributes such as industry, location, or job title, startups can create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communications. ClickUp’s search and filter function also makes it easy to locate customers with specific custom field values, streamlining the process of customer segmentation even further. Keep track of sales pipelines, follow up on leads and close deals, automate marketing campaigns, email and SMS features, and more.

What should you look for in CRM software?

It offers sales pipeline management and collaboration tools to improve your team’s productivity. All the data is remotely available, making it easy for team members to access it wherever required. With social media and communication tracking, you can make your outreach more relevant for the targeted audience. Personalized customer experiences can help startups earn a reputable position.

Funnel CRM allows you to create contact forms, track all your leads/deals in a sales funnel that works, send proposals to customers with professionally formatted documents, and more. With FreeAgent, optimize your sales, marketing, project management and customer service. NetHunt is a CRM tool fit for sales and marketing teams, NetHunt’s main integrations are with Gmail and LinkedIn. EngageBay is one of the best sales CRM software platforms out there.

What is CRM software?

The tool lets you receive suggestions based on your past performance. It also helps you discover where you can improve and what aspect you should focus on next. With Monday.com’s free 14-day trial, you get access to limitless users and boards. It lets you analyze your marketing pipeline, manage unlimited contacts, and access advanced reports. With Monday.com’s intuitive interface, you can get full control over your pipelines. This visual, unlimited marketing pipeline helps you view where all your deals stand at a glance.